Black-headed Heron catches Cape Molerat

It warms the cockles of my heart when my non-birding friends take an interest in birds. A close friend – Craig BanksĀ  – was very excited when he watched a Black-headed Heron catch a Cape Molerat in Hermanus this past weekend. He even had the composure to take some photos and video. He made me promise that I’d post it on GetBirding, so here it is.

BHH Cape Molerat by Craig Banks 1BHH Cape Molerat by Craig Banks

For those with slow internet connections I suggest you press play and then pause it immediately. Wait for it to load completely (red line to the end) before pressing play again.

Despite my “tongue-in-cheek” tone directed at my non-birding friends, I would like to encourage others to send in any photos or videos of interesting birds or birding experiences.

Thanks Craig.

David Winter

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