Kirstenbosch birding notes

Just a quick note about some birding at Kirstenbosch. To assist with a pentade card (3355_1825 – southern suburbs of Cape Town) for SABAP2 I spent an hour on Sunday evening pottering around the gardens [a full birdlist is at the end of this post].

OBS Malachite1

There are heaps of Orange-breasted Sunbirds in the garden at the moment – the protea section was particularly alive with them. Malachite Sunbird has been on the Kirstenbosch list for years, but only recently (last 5 years?) has this species taken up residence in the protea section. I thought the above photo was quite fun – it’s perhaps a close call in the “looks department” between an OBS and Malachite male, but on this occasion I think this OBS male had the upper hand…

Just a thought, but when last did anyone record Grassbird from the more developed areas of the garden? Are they still present in the wetland below the top car park? I thought I heard one distantly in the protea section, but could not be sure.

Kirstenbosch birdlist (7 March 2010): Cape White-eye, Helmeted Guineafowl, Olive Thrush, Sombre Greenbul, African Black Swift, Little Rush Warbler, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Barn Swallow (at least 10 birds), Cape Robin-chat, Cape Bulbul, Southern Double Collared Sunbird, Red-eyed Dove, Hadeda Ibis, African Dusky Flycatcher, Red-winged Starling, African Olive Pigeon, Cape Canary, Cape Batis, Black Sawwing Swallow, Karoo Prinia, Forest Canary, Cape Sugarbird, Southern Boubou, Malachite Sunbird

David Winter

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