Yellow Wagtail at Strandfontein Sewage Works

Patrick Cardwell posted a report on Cape Birdnet this morning about seeing a male Yellow Wagtail at Strandfontein yesterday afternoon. Here’s a snippet from his message:

Male in breeding plumage on ash track between P1 & P2 at Strandfontein yesterday afternoon. Bird quite tame and most accommodating from a photographic point of view.

I popped down quickly at lunch time today and the bird was still present, although quite skittish. Below are a few record shots that I managed to take.

Yellow Wagtail Strandfontein a

Yellow Wagtail Strandfontein c

As Patrick mentioned, the bird is on the road between P1 and P2 – take a look here if you don’t know where these pans are. Below is a more detailed map of where I saw the bird.

Yellow Wagtail Map1

I don’t have a book at hand – any thoughts on what race this bird is?

David Winter

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