Yellow Wagtail photo from Strandfontein by Patrick Cardwell

Below is the photo that Patrick Cardwell took of the Yellow Wagtail yesterday evening.

Yellow Wagtail Strandfontein Patrick Cardwell

Yellow Wagtail by Patrick Cardwell

There are many subspecies of Yellow Wagtail – Patrick thinks this bird is Motacilla flava beema. I unfortunately don’t have any books at hand, but Wiki has this to say:

M. f. beema (Sykes, 1832) – Sykes’ Wagtail.
Like flava but head lighter gray, ears washed white; sexes often similar.Breeding: North of lutea, E to Ladakh area. Winter: Indian subcontinent, also E Africa and adjacent Arabia.

Thanks Patrick for posting this superb image!

David Winter

1 comment to Yellow Wagtail photo from Strandfontein by Patrick Cardwell

  • Margaret Maciver

    This beautifully yellow bird has become a lot more skittish and was found this morning on the nothern road above P1. Lots of people and cars, but he is very obvious once you can find him. None of us could get close enough for a photo.

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