European Oystercatcher at Bot River lagoon

Jane Angus found a European Oystercatcher at Bot River Lagoon last week, which was enough reason for Margaret Maciver to dash out from Cape Town on Saturday morning to try and catch-up with this bogey bird of 8 years! Below is a photo that Margaret snapped of the rarity:

European Oystercatcher by Margaret Maciver

European Oystercatcher by Margaret Maciver

Here’s Margaret’s note from Cape Birdnet about the trip:

After leaving CT before sunrise this morning, it took me a further two hours to reach Meerensee in Fisherhaven, and nail a bogey bird I’ve been after for years. One beautiful stunning Eurasian Oystercatcher. It was worth the 8 year wait and the long drive right into the sun. You need permission to enter Meerensee to reach the mouth of the river. Shortly after I saw the bird, people began walking on the beach and four or five boats came down river, with people collecting sandprawns? and the bird flew away up river.

Subsequent to Margaret’s email, Pierre Hofmeyr posted the following additional information on Cape Bird Net (14 March 2010):

The Eurasian Oystercatcher, reported from the mouth of the Bot River lagoon on Friday and Saturday, was still showing well this morning (Sunday). It was about 1 km from the river mouth towards Arabella on a strip of sand stretching into the water from the Kleinmond side of the lagoon. It was actively feeding in the company of Black Oystercatchers, Whimbrels and Kelp Gulls and was very approachable. It should be easy to get for anyone still needing it. Surprisingly enough there were no other birders around in the 2 hours we were there.

Thanks Pierre and Margaret for the notes and photo.

David Winter

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  • Additional European Oystercatcher note on Cape Birdnet from Felix and Mercy Koimburi:

    Oystercatcher was still waiting to be ticked off today in the early morning. It took my wife and I a frustratingly long time to pin-point its exact location. we initially tried hunting for it on the Kleimond end of the lagoon (as suggested from Per’s earlier email), but to no avail. We then crossed the river to the Fisherhaven end (as Margaret had done earlier last week), and after going round in circles, we managed to locate Merensee, where we proceeded to sweet-talk our way in (it seems like you need to do more than ask permission-one has to have a ‘bird card’ (?) of some sort, it being a private area and all). It was a joy to see this rare bird though, albeit a little far off without the aid of a spotting scope. My wife still managed to get some grainy shots of it.

    Directions to Merensee: Take the N2, and turn off at the signpost for Kleinmond and Hermanus. Drive for about 23 km (don’t take the Kleinmond turnoff that you will see about 15 km in). Take the Fisherhaven turnoff to your right (there should be another sign saying ‘Merensee’ just after it). Drive over a speed hump and up to the first stop sign. Turn left (there will be NO sign to tell you that you are headed towards ‘Merensee’). This road will bend right and ends at a T- junction. Turn left, and follow this for about a hundred or so metres before turning right into ‘Merensee’.

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