Strandveld birding in West Coast National Park

Don’t forget to also look at some Strandveld birds this weekend if you’re heading to Langebaan for the rarities. I found the entrance road to Seeberg hide to be particularly productive last Sunday. All the usuals were in attendance, but I was especially pleased with two very confiding Cape Penduline Tits at the Seeberg car park. Listen for the distinctive “dee-dee” call, but also their softer “chink” contact call, which one often hears more frequently.

Cape Penduline Tit

Another luck was the covey of 9 Grey-winged Francolin that decided the road-side dust was the best for bathing. They were completely relaxed with my presence (in a car) and a few individuals had no qualms sorting out some pecking-order politics with me looking on.

Grey-winged Francolin

Always a highlight is Black Harrier, and there are plenty floating around at the moment. I notched up 4 individuals on Sunday and this “habitat shot” :)

Black Harrier

Enjoy and good luck to those chasing the rare waders.

David Winter

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