Cape Grysbok at Strandfontein

I’ve been car-less (self-inflicted) for the last few weeks, hence birding has taken a back seat, but I’m now up and running again so did a quick “whip-around” Strandfontein on the weekend. The highlight of the trip was of the “furred” variety, a Cape Grysbok on the northern end of S7.

Cape Grysbok

I don’t recall having ever seen them so close to Cape Town, but that’s likely more a function of me not spending enough time in the right places. I imagine they must also occur at Kenilworth Race course, or perhaps this is too isolated an island? Apart from the record shot of the Grysbok, the following birds were also fairly obliging:

African Pipit

African Pipit

Black-headed Heron

Black-headed Heron

Greater Flamingo

Greater Flamingo

David Winter

3 comments to Cape Grysbok at Strandfontein

  • Hi David,

    Great photo!Well done!

    I have encountered a Kaapse Grysbok at Strandfontein on the 3rd of August 2008, which has been the only one I have seen so far.
    I have a photo of this record on my blog for 3August2008 at:


  • Margaret Maciver

    Freddie, there are plenty of Grysbok at Milnerton Race Course, they have trapped some recently and moved them to other reserves. One pair went to Blouvlei!

  • David Huddleston

    saw one at Rietvlei (tableview nature reserve) on Saturday morning 9 Feb. 2013.
    it had what appeared to be white spots on its back towards the rear end.
    could these “spots” be clumps of the whtie flecks.
    definately appeared spotted.

    the nature reserve head guy says they have no spots.

    please help.



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