Strandfontein and Philippi Wetlands birding notes and map

Mike Buckham and I popped into Strandfontein yesterday for a few hours. The idea was to take advantage of the soft winter light with a bit of photography, but Mike was also hoping to catch up with Fulvous Whistling Duck for his Western Cape list. Water levels are high at the moment and nothing out of the ordinary was seen. Black-headed Heron is always so obliging, hence their inclusion with most Strandfontein reports… By the way, have you seen the video that Craig Banks shot of a Black-headed Heron catching a Cape Molerat in Hermanus – check it out here.

Black-headed Heron

Black-headed Heron

Mike managed to snap this great image of a Greater Flamingo. This group was quite confiding for a change.

Greater Flamingo by Mike Buckham

Greater Flamingo

Reed Cormorant

Reed Cormorant

On our way home we popped in at the Philippi Wetlands to see if we could rustle up a Fulvous Whistling Duck. Success! Not only did we see two of these beasts, but also a small group of White-faced Whistling Ducks. Here are a couple of record shots:

White-faced Whistling DuckFulvous Whistling Duck

For those who don’t know where the Philippi Wetlands are here’s a map with general directions. Philippi isn’t exactly the safest area in Cape Town so don’t waive expensive equipment around and apply common sense.

Phillipi Wetlands reduced

Technology really is amazing – below is an image from Google Map Streetview of the exact spot where we saw the birds:

Google Street View Philippi Wetlands reduced


David Winter

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