Kirstenbosch birding notes by Margaret Maciver

Margaret Maciver submitted these photos and notes from a recent trip to Kirstenbosch:

Swee Waxbill

“The Swee was totally accidental, as I had been after the African Goshawk that’s been hanging around in the Braille Trail area and he was proving impossible to photograph. Dark, gloomy forest and the minute he sees a person, he’s gone. On the way to see if I could have better luck last Friday, I found a pair of Swee’s also along the Braille Trail, and this male was very obliging.”

African Goshawk

I was very chuffed when I found the Goshawk quickly, and for some strange reason, after flying away from me a few times, he came close, almost as though he was checking me out! I did manage a few pictures, but of course the lighting was impossible. However, I was happy with this, it almost felt as though we’d been playing a game for a few weeks and I won :-)

Thanks Margaret.

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