Birding in Namibia: A Kaokoveld experience

This post summarises a two week trip to the north-western regions of Namibia I completed in September last year. My travel companions thought they were going on a gentle 4×4 exploration of the Kaokoveld. Five thousand bird and mammal photos later I think they concluded that in fact it was a birding trip :) For those not familiar with the Kaokoveld, it’s the region in the north-western corner of Namibia.

Map Koakoveld1

The Kaokoveld is a rather unique place in that it’s one of Southern Africa’s last true wilderness areas. Venturing from your car is encouraged, but in many areas there’s a very real chance you could encounter desert elephant, lion or even black rhino! I’ve summarised our itinerary in the map below.

Route map kaokaveld

The map above is a little crude -here’s a more detailed breakdown of our actual route and stop-overs.

21-Sep-09 – Hobatere Lodge
22-Sep-09 – Hobatere Lodge
23-Sep-09 – Epupa Falls – Kunene River
24-Sep-09 – Van Zyls Pass campsite
25-Sep-09 – Marienfluss – camping
26-Sep-09 – Marienfluss – camping
27-Sep-09 – Camp Syncro
28-Sep-09 – Hartmann’s Valley
29-Sep-09 – Purros – Okahirongo Elephant Lodge
30-Sep-09 – Purros – Okahirongo Elephant Lodge
01-Oct-09 – Grootberg Lodge
02-Oct-09 – return to Windhoek

For anyone interested in visiting this exceptional area I highly recommend you contact Udo Kannegiesser for assistance. Udo has been visiting the Kaokoveld for the last 30 years and whether you want a guided trip or a self-drive option he’ll ensure you get to experience the best of what the area has to offer. The best way to contact Udo is via his website.

I’ll post various photos and notes from this trip over the next few weeks.

David Winter

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