Dead whale draws Giant Petrels

Dead Whale Gordons Bay 1

Dead whale, Gordon’s Bay

Driving from Gordon’s Bay to Rooi Els on Friday I noticed a tight flock of birds low over the water in the bay, unlike a typical feeding flock. On closer inspection I was surprised to see a mixed group of birds feeding on a dead whale! It was difficult to determine the species, but judging by the size I would guess it was either a Southern Right or Humpback. In attendance were Kelp Gulls, Subantarctic Skua and a handful of Giant Petrels, which I thought was interesting.

I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a Great White Shark taking a nibble, but no luck! A dead Bryde’s Whale was towed to Seal Island, False Bay earlier this week and at least 30 Great White Sharks pitched up for the meal [read more here].

David Winter

1 comment to Dead whale draws Giant Petrels

  • Wow – so glad to have stumbled across your blog from the Nature Blog Network….we’re two traveling wildlife biologists new to the network and happy to follow your adventures in Africa…

    The scops owl below is incredible! Thanks for linking up the article about dragging the whale to seal island – one of our top places to visit! Absolutely beautiful shots and narrative you have….

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