Mount Mabu in Northern Mozambique to be protected

Mount Mabu from Google EarthIt’s fantastic that there are still areas that have not been explored by scientists. Mount Mabu in Northern Mozambique was one such area until a scientist from Kew Gardens located it using Google Earth. Expeditions to the massif have revealed several new species to science. It appears that Mozambique has agreed to protect the mountain because of these unique species and its relatively “untouched” status. Here’s some more information from The Guardian:

The unique lost rainforest of Mount Mabu is to be given protection from exploitation, following a new expedition to the remote area revealed a host of new species. The existence of the pristine forest in northern Mozambique was revealed by the Observer last year, and was originally discovered with the help of Google Earth. It is now thought to be the largest such forest in southern Africa. At a meeting this week in the capital Maputo, government ministers agreed to put conservation measures in place before any commercial logging occurs there after meeting representatives from the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT), and numerous other groups involved in the project. [more here]

Namuli Apalis © Callan CohenMount Mabu is not the only isolated massif in Northern Mozambique that harbours interesting species. Mount Namuli, the regions highest mountain, is home to Namuli Apalis (Apalis lynesi) which is Mozambique’s only endemic bird species. Read an interesting account here about how this species was only recorded for the second time in 1998.

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  • Carolyn

    What a joy to learn about Mount Mabu and the life there so undisturbed. I have been reading everything coming out in the news. Thanks for sharing.

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