Global bird news: 15 October 2009


Nest box sharing between species

Desperate measures for desperate times…?

“The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) says it has received a surprising number of reports of different species sharing nest boxes. It says barn owl nest boxes attract the most unusual tenants, with reports of kestrels and jackdaws moving in.” [BBC]

Do some migratory species over-winter?

Professor Frank Lang answers a common questions regarding migratory species over-wintering.

“The consensus is that you might be a bit premature in your assumption that your feathered friends aren’t heading south for the winter, Mildred. Maybe they just haven’t left yet. Or it could be this is simply the first time you’ve seen them around this late, suggests Lang.” [Mail Tribune]

Skylark habitat threatened

It’s good that the development may be delayed, but why was this site even considered for development in the first place if it’s home to sensitive species? Environmental protection is generally far too reactive!

“John Ebrey who is a surveyor for the British Trust for Ornithology, says the work by Birmingham-based property developers St Modwen will destroy the skylark‚Äôs last remaining breeding site in the whole of the urban Black Country. He is calling on Dudley Council to prevent St Modwen from starting work on a new sports and social club until October 2010 to give the skylark another year of uninterrupted breeding.” [Express and Star]

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