Kirstenbosch birding notes

Just a quick note about some birding at Kirstenbosch. To assist with a pentade card (3355_1825 – southern suburbs of Cape Town) for SABAP2 I spent an hour on Sunday evening pottering around the gardens [a full birdlist is at the end of this post].

There are heaps of Orange-breasted Sunbirds […]

Birding in Cape Town: more raptor watching at Kirstenbosch

Some more time was spent raptor watching at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens this last Saturday. A decent number of raptors (for this area) were seen (8 individuals), but species were limited to Steppe Buzzard, Forest Buzzard and Black Sparrowhawk. Admittedly, I got there a little late. The optimal time is probably 8am because by 9am most […]

Birding in Cape Town: raptor watching at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

Each summer Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, serves up some good raptor watching. The main attraction is the number and variety of buzzards that one can encounter. An average morning will produce between 5 to 10 individual birds; good mornings have produced 12 different species of raptor! Steppe Buzzard Buteo […]